What! A website about the Norwich Puppet Man?!

Well, why not? Everyone in Norwich knows who he is. Everyone who has visited Norwich has seen him and wondered who he is.

But some of you don't know who he is. He is the infamous "Puppet Man From Norwich". Everyone talks about him. He has been captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. He has been in the newspaper now and then. Heck, even some companies want him to do some shows in their nightclub!

A while back, he has appeared in the Evening News, receiving new puppets donated from the Langley's toy shop. So what's good about him? And why do people love him? What makes him tick? That's where this website comes in.

He's usually found along Gentleman's Walk near Starbucks and around the bottom of Hay Hill (Google Maps)

Now that he has moved over to Gt Yarmouth, he is usually found next to McDonald's on Regent Boulevard (Regent Blvd) (Google Maps)

However he has been spotted in Norwich too, so he could be doing both locations at the moment.

Be supportive, go and see him. He is usually there two or three times a week, usually in the afternoons.

Remember, he is doing what he likes. He enjoys cheering up people, especially children. He is doing no one harm. Many people all over the UK (and perhaps the rest of the world) are talking about him.

People who have visited Norwich usually tell their family and friends about him. He's one of the many reasons why people visit Norwich and keep local businesses booming. And you know what? He is more famous than you. :-)

Around June/July 2008, he was employed by the Mercy nightclub in Norwich, where he performanced some live action in front of 2,000 people for the student based event on Thursday.


On 28th March 2011, there has been words going around on Twitter and Facebook, saying that our loved Norwich Puppet Man is... DEAD. But this has been unconfirmed so far. More updates when I have something...

Update #2

29th March 2011 - Hospital has confirmed he is not dead. The BBC Norfolk has spoken to him and he's alive. Thank you, @benjkendall and @timsparrow. Another source is saying that his grand daughter has said he is not dead too.

Evening News has published an article on this - False rumours of puppet man's death

Another article published, showing him holding up today's Evening News (29th March 2011) - UPDATED and Photo: Puppet man is alive and holding today's paper

Yet another article, but with a video - Video: Norwich puppet man shows "new lease of life" after death rumours